About our pet care providers 

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Samantha Sanfilippo (Owner)

Samantha has been working with animals for over 8 years. She is a graduate of North Shore Community College’s Animal Care Specialist program and is a certified pet nutrition advocate and pet groomer with experience as a veterinary technician. Samantha Began Staycation pet sitting service, LLC in 2017, unaware of how much need there was for at-home animal care. With years of knowledge and experience caring for animals, Samantha strives to ensure you are worried and stress-free on vacation, while your pet is home having a staycation of their own.

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Haley's passion for caring for animals stems from her own dog's separation anxiety and her love for travel. Haley is the proud owner of an 8 year old Pitbull named Brooklyn that she rescued from an abusive home 7 years ago! Haley has been working for Staycation Pet Sitting Service since opening in 2017, she is dedicated to giving pets the best care possible and treating every animal like her own. R.I.P. Brooklyn <3



Through this pandemic Bernadette has found herself doing a lot of soul searching which has made her realize what is truly important in life. After months of being home with her pup "Cookie", and watching her neighbor’s new puppy grow up, she realized that office work all day was no longer an ideal job for her, and working with animals was calling her name! Bernadette is excited about this new career change, She has owned dogs all of her life and loves spending time with them! She is looking forward to caring for your pets and meeting you all!



The inspiration for Staycation Pet Sitting Service comes from Samantha’s beloved cat Monkey. Monkey has a history of urinary tract disease and needs at home care when Samantha goes on vacation. That is when Samantha realized that more animals with medical conditions like Monkey need to be cared for in the comfort of their own home while their owner is away.

Monkey now enjoys doing yoga, cuddling with Samantha, and sunbathing. Monkey does not offer pet sitting services as of now. Samantha hopes to train Monkey to be more productive and help with paperwork instead of laying on it, and sleeping on the job.