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From our clients

Samantha did a great job taking care of my older cat Tippy.  Tippy was 17 and needed subcutaneous fluids every day and also pills given orally once a day.  On top of that, she was not always the friendliest cat with strangers, so it was very hard to find someone who could successfully give her medications while I was travelling for work.  


But, Samantha was fantastic and did a great job of being able to handle her while I was away.  Her experience at Reading Animal Hospital gives her expertise in handling cats needing extra care, and I would recommend her without hesitation to other cat owners!  She even walked to my house through a big snowstorm to make sure Tippy got her meds this past winter!







I highly recommend Staycation pet sitting service.  I first met Samantha four years ago and we have worked together ever since.  She is outstanding!  She is hard-working, reliable, loving, and knowledgeable. My family has also used her as a pet sitter. I was never more relaxed on vacation. I knew my pets were in very capable hands and that she was treating them like they were her own. With her veterinary technician skills, she can handle all routine care as well as pets that need a little extra.  I am pleased to recommend Staycation pet sitting service.

Dr Linda Thistle

Reading Animal Clinic




I have a 4-legged, 14-year-old Cairn Terrier family member named Robbie who means the world to me, and it is my responsibility to make sure that he has the best quality of care throughout his life. It brings me such peace of mind knowing that Samantha S. from Staycation Pet Sitting will provide that level of care when I am away overnight or if I need her occasionally to walk Robbie. She also works in the veterinary field which is an added plus when it comes to monitoring the health of my beloved pet. She is the consummate professional and extremely dependable. It is also a bonus that Samantha is an in-home groomer, which eliminates the stress of having to take Robbie out of the comfort of his home to be groomed. Maintaining quality of life is what it's all about and knowing that Staycation pet sitting will be there for Robbie is truly a comfort to me.





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